You don’t need Botox.. Find out in 5 steps how to get painted lips

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Lips are one of the most visible features on a girl’s face, and we all differ from one shape to another. You find many girls who have perfect and attractive lips and others who do not have lips as well, but with the spread of many cosmetic tools, many of them are able to choose the shape of the lips and work on them in order to become drawn in shape. acceptable to them according to what Stylecraze brought you 5 ways to get attractive lips.

5 steps to get perfect and attractive lips: Define the shape of the lips:

In the beginning, define the shape of your lips and after you have finished defining the shape of the lips, it will become easier to get an attractive and perfect shape.

Moisturize your lips:

Apply a suitable moisturizer to your lips and then put it on for 3 minutes, in case the lips are normal, but if the lips are dry, and have dead skin, it is preferable to use an appropriate scrub before moisturizing in order to help apply the lip lacquer in an easy and perfect way by: Lip liner to make it more noticeable and prominent.

Lip lining:

Line the upper lip until you reach the corners in an even way, and you can also line the under the lips, it all depends on how balanced you want to achieve and be careful when lining the lips do not go outside the lip line.

Apply lipstick:

After completing the lining, apply the appropriate lipstick by using a thin brush, making sure to fill in the lips correctly without deviating from the definition.

Correction of defects:

After you have finished applying the lipstick, correct any mistake made by concealer and a thin brush to correct the edges.

Lips drawing steps

The best way to draw lips
The best way to draw lips


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