The dangers of storing garlic incorrectly.. know the right way

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This period is the period of storing some of the basic ingredients in your kitchen, especially garlic, which every housewife seeks to obtain the largest amount and preserve it in several ways, whether by drying it or chopping it and placing it in plastic cans or jars in the freezer or refrigerator for quick use, but you do not know that it has several Risks due to mincing, and plant care expert Amal Shuaib explained in her speech to “The Seventh Day” that mincing garlic significantly changes its components and may even result in some other harmful ingredients as follows:

Dangers of storing minced garlic:

The plant care expert said the garlic harvest season begins in March, which is the time when women store garlic, so we must warn of the danger of storing chopped garlic, due to the presence of Allicin, an organic sulfur compound produced when garlic is minced, the substance that gives garlic its smell. The distinctive and strong, and the presence of the compound allicin, makes minced garlic a very suitable environment for the growth of Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Colistridium boltulimum which cause the risk of botulinum toxinosis.

Botulism poisoning:

And the plant care expert added that you may never think that the poisoning was caused by chopped garlic. So, be careful. If you have to store chopped garlic, you should start with several necessary steps.

The correct way to store minced garlic:

The plant care expert added about the correct way to store chopped garlic, which is as follows:

First: Add 50 gm of salt + 50 ml of apple cider vinegar + a cup of edible oil

Second: Storage below zero degrees Celsius, and this is what preserves minced garlic and does not allow microbes to grow on it

the Garlic

garlic storage
garlic storage



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