Here are the harmful effects of vitamin B12 deficiency on health

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The vitamin B12 complex enters into the formation of two main types of body cells, which are the blood, and the other is the nervous system, where its importance lies in the manufacture of myelin, which covers and insulates the nerves, which ensures the presence of a fast nervous run.

One of the harmful effects of vitamin B12 deficiency is an increase in the size of red blood cells and changing their shape so that they become spherical instead of flat circular, and this change leads to the explosion and breakage of blood cells during their passage from the narrow spleen channels, leading to anemia accompanying the occurrence of yellowing in the body What is called jaundice, and that is the result of an increase in the levels of bilirubin resulting from the breaking of the blood from harm.

The vitamin deficiency also causes a defect in the formation of the neuronal myelin and injury to the central nervous system, the spinal cord and, to a lesser extent, the brain. This disorder leads to neurological diseases and symptoms characterized by severe, persistent and annoying numbness in the extremities, as well as to loss of feeling in the hands and the inability to distinguish between tangible things.

Neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness and the inability to walk continuously and balanced, and these cases occur very little with vitamin B12 deficiency, but the doctor must distinguish them as the speed of treatment leads to a speedy full recovery.

The lack of this vitamin does not lead to fatigue, palpitations and shortness of breath, as mentioned in some old medical articles. Vitamin deficiency cases are diagnosed by examining its levels in the blood, as if the percentage is less than 250, this indicates that the rates are low, but the most important thing is to conduct a special examination that accurately indicates vitamin deficiency even if its levels in the blood are normal, which is a procedure A test called methylmalonic acid.

B12 is stored inside the body mainly in the liver in a very large proportion, and therefore a blood test may indicate the presence of normal levels in the blood despite the presence of a severe shortage of its stock in the liver, because the liver secretes what it has of reserves to compensate in the blood until it reaches the cells.

One of the most important causes of vitamin deficiency is the lack of food sources rich in the vitamin, in addition to digestive diseases that lead to the inability to absorb it from the intestine due to immune diseases or after some obesity surgeries.

We note that some treatments may lead to poor absorption of the vitamin and its deficiency, the most important of which are the antacid treatments (PPI) and the adjuvant diabetes treatment.

Dr.. Amr Said Rasheed – Cardiovascular Diseases Specialist – Vascular Catheter and Networks Specialist

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