Amani Al-Bashabsha launches “Al Jameed Al Karaki School”

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publish date 2022-03-19 14:03:59

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Amani Al-Bashabsheh refused to wait for her turn at the Civil Service Bureau, despite obtaining a bachelor’s degree in physics and standing in the queues of the unemployed. She established a school, the first of its kind in Jordan, to teach the art of “jameed making”, which is the most famous ingredient used in preparing the famous mansaf meal.

Al-Bashabsha named her project “Al Jameed Al Karaki School,” where hundreds of university and school students visit it to activate science classes, explain manufacturing and preservation processes, and integrate them into practical examples for students.

Amani confirmed to “Al Arabiya Jordan” that her family believed in her idea and encouraged her to implement it, so she used her family’s house in the meadow area overlooking the Karak Castle to be a school for teaching jameed manufacturing and the popular Karak foods associated with it.

Amani obtained moral and material support for her project to transform from a family home for Jameed into a specialized tourist lodge visited by tourists from inside and outside Jordan.

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