A nutritionist warns against the uncontrolled use of nutritional supplements

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publish date 2022-03-19 11:24:15

Dr. Yelena Ignatikova, a Russian nutrition expert, declared that there are rapidly spreading misconceptions about the properties of nutritional supplements, so that doctors do not have time to refute them.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the expert notes that active biological supplements are usually attributed to semi-medical products. And sometimes they are cheaper than medicines, and their producers emphasize their speed and effectiveness, and that they are natural products and not “chemical”. So there are many illusions about the healing properties of these nutritional supplements.
And she adds, the user must be aware that the market for nutritional supplements is large and diverse, where in the best case a useless product can be purchased, and in the worst case a product that causes allergies and negatively affects the body.

She says, “A dietary supplement – is a medicine that can have a toxic effect in the body, especially to the kidneys and liver. Sometimes it causes liver toxicity and kidney dysfunction. If a person wants to use herbs in treatment and at the same time takes certain medicines, he does not know about the interaction What may happen between herbs and medicines. These interactions may lead to serious consequences. For example, taking a woman who uses birth control pills, sedative herbal tea, may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, before taking nutritional supplements, you should always consult a doctor.”

According to the law, food supplements are just food additives, with the help of which it is possible to replace the substances needed by the body. The formulation of these supplements is not subject to the same restrictions as medications.

She says, “Everything depends on the extent of the responsibility of the producing company. The amount of the substance mentioned on the package may be completely different from the amount of the substance actually in the supplement itself. And sometimes the doctor may not get the desired results from prescribing the nutritional supplement to the patient. Without prescribing a doctor. Certainly his condition may be aggravated further, because he does not know all its properties and possible side effects.”

The expert points out, if it is necessary to take nutritional supplements, the person should consult a doctor to be aware of the medications he is taking. Because on the contrary, allergic reactions may occur and the effectiveness of the medicines used will decrease.

She adds, in my opinion, nutritional supplements can be dispensed with by following a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and physical activity.

Source: RIA Novosti

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