A doctor predicts the end of Corona in the world as a dangerous epidemic

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publish date 2022-03-19 19:13:31

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Dr. Hossam Abu Farsakh, a consultant histological and clinical diagnostics, said: “I have always reversed the curves of developed countries to know the course of the corona in the world and compared it to Jordan to ring the early warning bell in our country.”

In a post on his Facebook page, Abu Farsakh pointed out, today, Saturday, that “in recent days, it has turned the epidemiological curves of developing countries as well. I found that most of them recorded zero cases of corona in the last two weeks.”

He explained, “If this indicates anything, it indicates that developing countries are beginning to realize that the Corona epidemic is no longer a life-threatening threat compared to other risks. So it began reducing or canceling corona tests (which is exactly what I am calling for now in Jordan and in the world) and rationalizing spending to other risks that its people need more at the present time.”

Abu Farsakh continued: “From my review of the epidemiological curves, I found that most developed countries also began to get rid of a lot of corona, except for several developed countries in which cases began to rise again about two weeks ago (such as Britain, Switzerland and Finland) without there being a significant increase in the number of deaths or Hospital admissions.

He added, “Perhaps the main reason I attribute to such a rise in these countries is the influx of Ukrainian refugees there, and this is what I expected earlier.”

Abu Farsakh concluded his post by saying: “A summary of what I say. The world is actually starting to recover from the Corona epidemic, and the best evidence of it is the neglect of developing countries about the epidemic, realizing that it does not represent a threat to them now. It seems that the coming months will witness the end of the Corona epidemic from the world as a dangerous epidemic, and the greatest credit (after God’s grace) is due to the Omicron strain (#god_vaccine_free), which has spread throughout the world and infected most of the population of the globe.

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