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We will not ask for a certificate of receiving the Corona vaccine from voters in the upcoming elections

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publish date 2022-03-19 19:54:00

The Independent Election Commission confirmed, on Saturday, that it will not request a certificate of receiving the anti-Coronavirus vaccine from voters in the upcoming local elections, noting that not requesting the certificate “does not violate Defense Order 35, according to Jihad Momani, a member of the Independent Election Commission’s Board of Commissioners.

The Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission decided on November 28, 2021 to be March 22, 2022, for the elections of governorate councils, municipal councils, and the Amman Municipality Council.

In response to the “Kingdom’s” question, if not requesting a certificate to receive the vaccine is in violation of Defense Order 35, Momani said: “It does not violate Defense Order 35,” adding that polling stations are not overcrowded places, but rather rooms that observe physical distancing, and they are comparable to groceries in terms of space and therefore do not You need a certificate.

He stressed that the authority is committed to the recommendations of the Epidemiology Committee and defense orders related to dealing with the Corona virus pandemic.

In January 2022, Defense Order No. (35) of 2021, which includes new procedures for dealing with the developments of the epidemiological situation, entered into force.

And based on the new defense order, a public sector employee, or a worker in private sector facilities, is not allowed to join work unless he receives two doses of the protective vaccine against Corona, and the days in which he is not allowed to work or work are deducted from his annual leave balance, and if his annual leave balance is exhausted. He is considered to be on leave without pay and allowances, and during this period he is not entitled to any salary, bonus or reward.

No person over 18 years of age is allowed to review any of the ministries, government departments, official institutions or public institutions, or enter any of the private sector facilities, unless he has received two doses of the vaccine, except for those who visit hospitals and health centers in emergency cases.

An employee who allows any person to enter public sector institutions, except for hospitals and health centers in emergency cases, without receiving a vaccine, for those over the age of 18, shall be subject to disciplinary penalties stipulated in the civil service system.

A private sector facility that allows an employee in the facility to join work without receiving a vaccine will be closed for a week if the violation is for the first time and for two weeks in the event of a repeat violation, and the closed facility will be reopened if the violation is corrected.

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