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The student forces in “Jordanian” object: There are no reasons to prevent the holding of elections

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publish date 2022-03-19 00:08:44

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The student forces at the University of Jordan submitted a letter to the university administration, confirming the demise of any reasons that might prevent the students’ union elections from being held.

These student forces included the Al-Tajdeed bloc, the Ahl al-Himma bloc, the Al-Nashama bloc, the Karama bloc, and the Return bloc.

The forces considered that the health situation was no longer a reason not to hold them, as evidenced by the holding of elections for councils in which the number of people entitled to vote exceeds the number of students of the University of Jordan.

The forces issued a statement on Friday, calling for the student union elections to be held during the current semester, noting that there are no reasons to suspend them.

The student forces at the University of Jordan stressed during a meeting with the president of the university and the Dean of Student Affairs, the necessity of resuming the democratic process after a two-year hiatus, and moving forward to hold the elections at the student union level during the current semester, as it is the natural date for it according to the instructions.

In a statement, the student forces pointed to the negative impact that the absence of student representation had during two years, stressing that the continuation of its absence would have a profound impact on the democratic process at the mother university, stressing that the title of holding the elections did not lose sight of the student forces’ agenda and demands for the administration in the last period.

She pointed out that amending the start date of the study this year made it possible to hold the elections after the holy month of Ramadan, allowing them to be held during the last month of the study, before the final exams, and this is the usual time period between the date of holding the elections and the final exams in the past years.

The President of the University of Jordan and the Dean of Student Affairs also stressed that the Student Union is a necessity in the coming stage to enhance communication between the student body and the administrative body at the university, and promised that another meeting will be held within the next two weeks with the student forces to inform them of the results of studying the possibility of holding elections during the current semester, and that After addressing the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The student forces concluded their statement by welcoming any amendments that would develop the student union election instructions in a way that increases the number of participants in the electoral process and enhances voting according to programmatic principles.

She stressed that any amendment to the election instructions must be based on conducting a dialogue with the student forces that represent the majority of the student spectrum, noting that amending the instructions for electing the Student Union does not conflict with the holding of elections in the middle class. It is in the interest of students and their participation in student work.

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