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The National Economic Workshop continues its sessions on Saturday

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publish date 2022-03-19 09:23:01

The National Economic Workshop continues its sessions on Saturday, at the Royal Hashemite Court, with the participation of experts, academics and representatives of promising economic sectors, to come up with a clear roadmap that crosses governments.

The participants will work to identify the main requirements for implementing the strategy of developing each sector covered by the workshop, the stages of completion and the timetable for implementation, in addition to the implementation authorities and their responsibilities, the intersections between all sectors, and the factors required for success.

During their discussions, experts focus on the food industry sectors, as a sub-sector of the industrial sector, vocational education and technical training, which falls under the education and labor market sector, sustainability and climate change, within the urban development and climate change sector, and design and creativity services, which are included in the creative industries sector.

The national economic workshop continues for its fourth week, with the participation of 400 experts, academics, representatives of the private sector, and representatives of the government and parliament, in simultaneous meetings of the most prominent sectors that form the backbone of the national economy.

The second session witnessed the presence and participation of His Majesty King Abdullah II in some of the meetings, while His Highness Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, attended and participated in some of the tourism sector meetings in the third session, emphasizing the royal role in calling for holding the workshop and following up on the outputs that will emerge to form a cross-governmental roadmap.

Experts meet on Saturdays every week, while discussions are enriched with additional sessions held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, in which more representatives of sub-sectors and representatives of the local community are hosted in some sectors, to expand the base of participation in drawing the road map for the national economy.

The national economic workshop, which is held under the title “Moving towards the future: Unlocking the possibilities for modernizing the economy,” includes the following sectors: agriculture and food security, energy, water, mining, communications and information technology, markets and financial services, health care, trade, industry, and tourism. , education and the labor market, transport and logistics, urban development and climate change, and creative industries.


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