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“Spring” begins in Jordan on Sunday

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publish date 2022-03-19 15:53:00

The Arab Weather Forecast website said that most parts of the Earth have four seasons that follow each other regularly every year, and the four seasons mainly occur due to the tilt of the Earth’s axis as it revolves around the sun.

Each season of the year is characterized by special climatic conditions. During each season, the earth receives a different amount of sunlight and heat, and the hours of night and day vary on the days of each season.

When does the spring semester start this year 2022?

For meteorologists, the spring season begins on March 1, which is the unofficial start of spring, which was determined based on the annual temperature cycle, and climatic patterns. The official start of this year’s spring will be on Sunday, March 20, 2022, and the spring season will continue until The summer solstice is on Tuesday June 21, 2022, but what do we mean by the official start of spring?

The beginning of spring astronomically

The official start of spring is on the day of the Spring Equinox, which falls on March 20 or 21 of each year in the northern hemisphere, and is on September 22 or 23 of each year in the southern hemisphere.

On this day, the earth is in an upright position relative to the sun, so the earth’s axis is neither tilted towards the sun nor away from it, so the day and night are equal in all countries, and after this day the sun’s rays begin to point north of the equator until it reaches its northernmost point on the summer solstice.

What is the difference between the beginning of spring astronomically and in meteorology?

Astronomer: The beginning of spring depends on the movement of the Earth around the sun, which changes the amount of solar energy received by the parts of the Earth, and thus the weather patterns vary.

In Meteorology: As for the beginning of spring in meteorology, it is determined based on the annual temperature cycle and climatic patterns.

Meteorologists and climatologists divide the seasons into groups, each lasting three months, based on the similarity in temperatures, and the spring season in meteorology includes the three months: March – and April – May, because the temperatures are almost similar. And it changes regularly during those months.

Why were different dates set for the beginning of seasons in meteorology?

The scheduling of the four seasons in meteorology was due to the difference in length from 89 to 93 days in the length of the seasons astronomically, and it was difficult for experts to compare statistics from year to year.

Meteorology and meteorology remain important in studying the beginnings of the seasons based on annual temperatures, due to their proximity to what is actually happening on the ground, and this is of great importance for different sectors such as the agricultural sector, the industrial sector, and others.

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