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In implementation of his will, a child receives a cornea from the late Fakhri Al-Rabiah – photos

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publish date 2022-03-19 10:41:19

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After the death of Lieutenant Fakhri Al-Rabee in an unfortunate traffic accident in the Al-Tura area of ​​the Ramtha Brigade a few days ago, his family agreed to implement his will related to donating his organs.

According to the Jordanian Association for the Promotion of Organ Donation, a person who had a child who needed a cornea transplant and who had a personal acquaintance with the late Fakhri contacted the association and asked for the association’s help by guiding him on how to coordinate transplantation and organ donation.

The association added, “We, through Dr. Ghaith Qusous, guided him on the necessary steps to follow and coordinate administratively to donate the cornea. Praise be to God, the cornea was taken and will be transplanted to the child, and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

The association stated, “Fakhri is an example of giving and a role model for all of us. Several years ago, he signed a recommendation card for organ donation upon death and wrote on his Facebook page that his wish is to give patients his organs and restore their senses.”

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