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Clarification from the “Supreme Council for the Disabled” about the “harassed young man” in Marka – details

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publish date 2022-03-19 16:49:09

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An official source in the Supreme Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities confirmed what was circulated among various media outlets last Thursday regarding “A harasser aware of his actions” in the Marka Brigade in the capital, Amman, That this young man who was detained by the administrator of Marka last Thursday has a severe physical disability.

The source added that this is the disability (cerebral palsy with a disability rate of 85%), according to medical reports issued by the Ministry of Health, and that due to the severity of the disability, he does not have the ability to rely on himself to relieve himself and that he depends entirely on “diapers.”

The source added, that the Council, upon receiving the news of his arrest, communicated directly with the administrator of the Marka Brigade, who expressed cooperation and willingness to do what ensures the preservation of the security and safety of the young man’s family and neighbors, and his right to diagnosis and treatment that helps alleviate the violent symptoms that cause him and cause problems. to others.

The source confirmed that the situation of the young man was followed up with Marka prison officials, stressing that he was receiving intensive care until he was transferred to the National Center for Mental Health within hours this afternoon.

The same source pointed out that coordination has been made with the family of the young man, the competent security authorities and the National Center for Mental Health to place him in the center for the purposes of diagnosis and treatment, provided that the Council will follow up on him later through a behavioral therapist and psychologist who will provide him with support and the necessary instructions for his family to ensure his coexistence and integration into his surrounding environment after Receiving appropriate psychological treatment if it is found that he has an accompanying psychological disability.

The source expressed the council’s strong dissatisfaction with the crude media handling of this issue, especially what some news websites allowed themselves to label the young man as “a harasser aware of his actions”, without even trying to verify and verify the official medical reports of the young man’s family, which the council obtained a copy of without waiting. Until the issuance of the diagnosis report that will be conducted by the National Center for Mental Health.

The source said that arbitrarily passing judgments on citizens without verifying the accuracy of documented information from its reliable sources and investigating the truth from all parties, will inevitably lead to moral and psychological harm to the young man and his family and will always result in false and possibly untrue news..

The source concluded by saying that the council will follow up the results of the diagnosis that will result from the examinations that will be conducted by psychological and educational specialists for the young man upon his arrival at the National Center for Mental Health.

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