Imprisonment, fees, and a fine for an Iraqi investor convicted of fraud

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publish date 2022-03-18 23:50:31

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A court in Amman – in an adversarial ruling subject to appeal – convicted an Iraqi investor of conspiracy fraud, in violation of the Penal Code, the Economic Crimes Law and the Anti-Corruption Commission Law.

The court sentenced him to one year in prison, fees and a fine of 200 dinars and fees.

Quoting the “Madar al-Sa’a” news agency, the court’s ruling came, after it was proven that there was a duplication of flour subsidy cards at the mill owned by the company whose management is headed by the Iraqi investor. So that the original card remains in the mill with the mill inspector affiliated to the Ministry, and the mill inspector spends on the basis of this card and keeps the papers related to the exchange process.

At the end of each month, the Ministry is provided with statements that include the quantities spent on each bakery from each mill. After checking by the investigation committee formed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, forged cards were seized at the mill bearing a signature and seal that does not belong to the Directorate or the authorized employee.

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