Organization expects invention of flying trains faster than planes

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publish date 2022-03-18 13:49:04

The researcher and official spokesman for the Justice and Development Organization, Zaidan Al-Qanai, expected that the digital age will not have ground connections, and there will be flying trains, and mobile hotels by air and by air as well.

He stressed that a large group of scientists will find a solution to deal with the laws of gravity to develop high-speed trains that travel in the air faster than planes that use aircraft exhaust or gases.

He wondered how it is possible to manufacture flying trains with air that are faster than planes and move from one country to another and from one place to another with ease.

He added the same thing with regard to recreational hotels by air, how will these hotels be established, how they will travel with the air and face gravity, and will flights for these hotels be launched from one country to another.

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