Learn the uses of white and red eggs in food preparations and the difference between them

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Eggs are one of the foods that are included in the components of many different diets, and they contain many nutrients needed from protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, but many women are not aware of the difference between red and white eggs, and their uses, and this is what we know in this report, according to what mentioned by the site “indiatimes” .

The difference between red and white eggs

Nutritional content:

There is no difference in taste and nutrition between red eggs and white eggs, but the only difference is in the color of the shell. The color of the eggshell indicates the breed of chicken laid by them..

the cost:

Brown eggs are a little more expensive than white eggs because chickens are raised in a healthier way and fed healthier food compared to white eggs, and although there is no scientific difference between brown and white eggs, the chicken breed and type of feed may make brown chickens taste different from eggs.

Nutritional benefits:

Eating eggs in the morning helps you feel full even in the afternoon, which makes a person avoid eating unhealthy foods and increases the feeling of satiety, and eating it after exercise helps to strengthen muscles and is free of fat, protein can also help increase metabolism Diet and speed up the process of losing weight.

Uses of white and red eggs in food preparation:

First: the white eggs

It is preferable to use white eggs in making sweets and baked goods more than red eggs, because their smell is light, and it is also preferable to eat boiled eggs for breakfast..

Second: red eggs

As for red eggs, it is preferable to use them in making the main dishes, which are used in preparing meals such as pasta, bechamel, shakshouka and other delicious dishes. It is preferable to cook it by frying, add spices or vegetables to it and serve it at breakfast.

Fried Eggs
Fried Eggs


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