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Launching development and property development initiatives projects in Zarqa

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publish date 2022-03-17 19:25:36

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Head of the Royal Hashemite Court, Youssef Hassan Al-Issawi, head of the follow-up committee for the implementation of His Majesty’s initiatives, announced today, Thursday, the launch of a package of developmental royal initiatives in Zarqa Governorate.

The initiatives, which were announced during Al-Isawy’s meeting with a number of dignitaries and representatives of youth and women’s activities in Zarqa Governorate, included the construction of (100) homes for chaste families, the establishment of a factory within the productive branches initiative in Azraq District, and providing it with the necessary means of transportation, which will provide what Between (200-400) job opportunities, in addition to the establishment of two schools in the areas of Al-Hashmiyah and Al-Dulayl, and the rehabilitation of the industrial city in the Wadi Al-Esh area.

During the meeting, Al-Issawi conveyed the greetings of His Majesty the King and his appreciation to all the sons and daughters of the province who are known for their genuine national stances and their outstanding contributions to the process of building Jordan, stressing that Jordan, under its Hashemite leadership, and with the determination and determination of Jordanians, continues with confidence the march of construction, achievement, reform and development.

Al-Issawi stressed that the royal initiatives projects will be implemented according to a time plan and with close field follow-up from the Department of Follow-up to the Implementation of Royal Initiatives at the Royal Hashemite Court, in coordination with the relevant authorities, whether governmental or partner.

Al-Issawi said that this communication meeting comes under direct directives from His Majesty the King, who is aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing the people of the province, and always stresses the need to communicate and listen to demands and needs and work to meet them, and launch development projects and programs, within the framework of royal initiatives, to serve the region. Within the capabilities available.

And he indicated that the governorate will have in the future the implementation of royal initiatives in various vital and development sectors, in line with the priorities and needs of its regions, noting that Zarqa witnessed the implementation of a number of projects in various sectors, within a series of royal initiatives, which are implemented under royal directives in various regions of the Kingdom, explaining that These initiatives are complementary to the government’s plans and programs, and not a substitute for them.

Al-Issawi pointed out that His Majesty the King constantly affirms that his first priority, and the real challenge facing Jordan, is to address the problems of poverty and unemployment, to alleviate the suffering of the citizen, whose Majesty is keen to provide him with a decent life.

He added: “His Majesty the King attaches great importance to this challenge, and directs the need to achieve the highest levels of development balance between the governorates, to improve the standard of living of citizens, protect the poor classes and care for the needy, as well as support pioneering and creative ideas, and implement income-generating development projects that provide job opportunities, in a way that contributes to investment Youth energies and capabilities in the process of sustainable development.


He pointed out that transforming challenges into opportunities is a well-established royal vision that charts the way for the future, pointing out that Jordan has overcome many challenges and continued the path of achievement, and that Jordanians, with the wisdom of their Hashemite leadership, are able with their awareness and determination to overcome various challenges, no matter how great, and work to transform them. To promising opportunities that achieve a better future for all.

Al-Isawy affirmed His Majesty the King’s keenness to maintain continuous communication with the sons and daughters of the country, to touch their needs and meet their demands, which His Majesty embodied in field visits to various regions of the Kingdom, to find out the reality of the situation in them, and to direct the implementation of development projects, in a manner that ensures greater justice in the distribution of development gains and revenues. Creating new job opportunities for the country’s young men and women, and promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

He said that young people are at the center of the interests of His Majesty the King and HRH Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, as they are the nation’s wealth and makers of its future, as His Majesty has always directed the need to give the nation’s youth the highest levels of care, education, qualification and promotion of national values, embracing their ideas and supporting their projects Quality.

He pointed out that the royal initiatives, in partnership with official authorities and civil society institutions, were able to develop the development and humanitarian work system in local communities, leading to building societies that depend on themselves economically and developmentally through the optimal response to the real needs of these communities and target groups.

He added that improving the level of services provided to citizens and meeting urgent and necessary demands is based on partnership among all, as well as cooperative and complementary relations with various institutions, indicating that the initiative to diagnose the nature of problems in local communities and to propose solutions to address and overcome them is the duty and responsibility of everyone.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Governor of Zarqa Hijazi Assaf, Al-Isawy listened to the needs and demands raised by the sons and daughters of the province, in an effort to meet them within the available resources, in implementation of the royal directives.

For their part, the dignitaries, sons and daughters of Zarqa Governorate valued the efforts made by His Majesty King Abdullah II to serve the country and the nation’s issues, and His Majesty’s relentless efforts, both internally and externally, to advance the economic reality, and His Majesty’s continuous directives to implement initiatives and projects that contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

During their interventions, they praised the royal initiatives aimed at empowering citizens and enhancing their role in the sustainable development process, through the implementation of initiatives and projects according to specific development priorities, that meet the needs of local communities and target groups, empower them and stimulate their energies to improve their social and economic reality.

The demands and needs addressed by the speakers focused on finding solutions to the problems of poverty and unemployment in the governorate, supporting and encouraging farmers and agricultural projects, in addition to supporting employment programs by focusing on implementing productive projects that provide job opportunities, improving health, educational, cultural and infrastructure services, and supporting charities and clubs. Sports and youth, establishing playgrounds and parks, allocating plots of land to expand existing cemeteries, as well as attracting investments to the area.

They demanded the provision of operational vocational training, by creating specialized centers, working to empower women economically and socially, supporting municipalities to face their debts, supporting young people, especially creative ones, establishing specialized centers for the care of the elderly and people with disabilities, finding solutions to public transportation problems, and addressing the problem of environmental pollution. facing some areas in the province.

At the end of the meeting, Al-Issawi affirmed that all the issues, needs and demands that were discussed will be submitted to His Majesty, noting that some of the demands and issues that were raised will be followed up with the government to study and put them on the list of priorities.

He pointed out that the productive projects of associations and civil society institutions that have been proposed, will be studied and the necessary support will be provided for projects of economic feasibility, which provide real opportunities for citizens.

The chaste families’ housing initiative, which was launched under royal directives in 2005, and included all governorates of the Kingdom, aims to provide a decent life for beneficiary families who are the most deserving and deserving, and are selected according to principles that take into account the achievement of justice and transparency adopted by the Ministry of Social Development, while housing is designed according to the highest Engineering and technical specifications, which take into account the circumstances of the beneficiaries, especially those with disabilities.

Royal initiatives also pay attention to the education sector, by constructing new school buildings, adding classrooms to existing schools, and providing them with libraries, laboratories and workshops that contribute to revealing students’ tendencies, refining their talents and providing them with the appropriate environment to unleash their energies and creativity, based on the royal vision expressed by His Majesty the King. In his seventh discussion paper, he said, “Building our human capabilities, through distinguished education and improving its outputs, is our gateway to the future. and challenges.”

The idea of ​​“productive branches”, which was launched under royal directives in 2008, is based on establishing production branches for factories and large companies in specific areas of villages and governorates, to make it easier for young men and women to go to the workplace, after undergoing training programs to work in these factories.

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