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Brigadier General Awaysha: Drones to maintain security during the elections

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publish date 2022-03-17 21:21:34

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The Assistant Director of Public Security for Operations, Brigadier General Ayman Al-Awaisha, attributed the reasons for the large increase in the number of public security salaries that will participate in the security plan for the electoral process, to the increase in the number of polling stations and the increase in the number of voters and electoral boxes.

In his speech to the Voice of the Kingdom program on Thursday evening, he added that these municipal elections, the provincial councils, and the Amman Municipality Council are witnessing an increase of 2,033 electoral boxes compared to the previous elections, indicating that there will be 125 polling stations in the Kingdom, and 444 electoral centers, an increase from the previous elections.

Al-Awaisha stressed that the General Security in these elections introduced electronic monitoring, represented by cameras and drones, in order to maintain electoral security, to monitor gatherings and monitor defects in any location where a gathering is taking place, pointing out that the electoral headquarters will be subject to supervision by individuals in civilian clothes, especially the issue of shooting bullets. .

He pointed out that the headquarters of the candidates will be monitored through salaries in civilian and military clothes, and with cameras that will film any possible violations that may occur in these headquarters, stressing that the issue of shooting bullets will be dealt with firmly through a series of legal and administrative measures.

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