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A significant increase in electricity bills will affect those who are not registered with electricity subsidies

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publish date 2022-03-18 15:24:38

The new electric tariff figures announced by the Energy Sector Regulatory Authority showed that the bills of households who did not register on the platform for support will multiply three to five times.

The authority indicated that “families consuming 100 kilowatt hours per month will double their bill from 2.5 per month to 12 dinars, and families consuming 200 kilowatts will double from 7.5 dinars to 24 dinars.”

As for the meters of households that consume 300 kilowatts per month, their percentage of the total meters in the Kingdom is 58%, which is the largest percentage, as their bill will double from 13 dinars to 36 dinars.

Meters that consume 400 kilowatts will double from 23 dinars to 48 dinars, as well as families that consume 500 kilowatts, their bills will rise from 33 dinars to 60 dinars, and families that consume 600 kilowatts will increase their bills from 43 dinars to 72 dinars, according to the authority.

The application of the new tariff will start on the first of April; The non-subsidized tariff will be calculated for all household counters that have not registered on the platform for subsidy.

The total number of meters that opened an account to register on the website to benefit from the subsidized electric tariff for the domestic sector reached 730 thousand out of two million meters in Jordan.

The new tariff for the domestic sector included (subsidized and non-subsidized tariffs).

According to the subsidized tariff, there will be 3 segments and a price for each tariff, which are, from 1- 300 kWh 50 fils per kWh, from 301-600 kWh 100 fils per kWh, and more than 600 kWh, 200 A penny per kilowatt-hour, which are the segments that can benefit from the subsidy.

As for the unsubsidized tariff, there will be only two tranches, and the monthly consumption tariff for this category ranges from 1 to 1000 kWh 120 fils/kWh, and more than 1000 kWh is 150 fils/kWh.

As for the details of the subsidized tariff, every Jordanian family benefits from it, including the Jordanian who has a family book in her name, the beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund, the Royal Highness, the Supplementary Support Program, and the Takaful Program (1 and 2), in addition to families who hold temporary Jordanian passports. and residents of the Gaza Strip residing in Jordan, and it is also applied automatically to the subscriptions of service meters for the domestic sector (residential buildings) regardless of the nationality of the property owner or the residents who benefit from it.

The subsidized tariff includes a direct subsidy that the subscriber receives automatically if he is eligible for the subsidy, and it is directly deducted from his monthly bill in the amount of (2.5) dinars for subscribers whose total consumption ranges between (51-200) kWh per month, or (2) dinars for those whose total consumption ranges Between (201-600) kWh per month, in order to ensure the neutralization of the impact of the tariff on monthly bills. Subscriptions for service meters for the domestic sector (residential buildings) are excluded from this support.

As for the second type of subsidy, it will be according to the gradual consumption of the tariff segments that have been reduced from seven to three segments to include from (1-300) kilowatt-hours (50) fils per kilowatt-hour per month, and from (301-600) kilowatt-hours (100) ) fils per kilowatt-hour per month, and more than (600) kilowatt-hours (200) fils per kilowatt-hour per month.

According to the authority, the subsidy entitlement is not related to the amount of consumption, and in the event that the monthly consumption of the beneficiaries exceeds (600) kilowatt-hours, they will continue to benefit from the subsidy applied to the first subsidized segments, and their bill may rise slightly to a maximum of (10) dinars, and may decrease In small percentages depending on the amount of consumption.

As for the categories to which the unsubsidized tariff will be applied, it targets non-Jordanian subscribers, owners of more than one meter (one meter subsidized by the subscriber’s choice), and uninhabited homes whose consumption is less than (50) kilowatt-hours for three consecutive months.

The authority indicated that the subscriber, who has more than one meter registered in his name, benefits tenants, children or others, each of whom can obtain support if they are heads of families and meet the conditions for entitlement to support.

She stressed that there is no requirement that the meter be in the name of the beneficiary to obtain the subsidized electric tariff, and any beneficiary can transfer the ownership of the meter if he wishes to do so, pointing to the directive of the electricity distribution companies to facilitate the transfer of ownership of electricity meters to those wishing to do so free of charge until the end of June 2022.

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