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A new clarification from “Education” about “elections and school hours”

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publish date 2022-03-17 23:38:05

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There are still statements and clarifications by the Ministry of Education, about the details of school hours in schools that will be used as polling and sorting centers in the municipal elections, the provincial councils, and the Greater Amman Municipality Council.

The last of these official statements issued by the Ministry of Education, that the working hours of these schools on Wednesday, March 23, i.e. the day after the elections, will be at ten o’clock in the morning, while the work of the rest of the schools will be as usual eight thirty in the morning.

On Thursday evening, the ministry confirmed, through the Secretary-General of Administrative and Technical Affairs, Dr. Najwa Qabilat, that the ministry decided to suspend some schools next Monday “preceding Election Day,” which were chosen as polling centers, sorting and compiling the results only and not for all schools.

She pointed out that Monday’s holiday came at the request of the Independent Electoral Commission for the purpose of enabling its cadres to receive the polling stations and prepare for the electoral process, noting that the schools that will be closed on Monday will be transformed into remote teaching.

Tribes indicated that Tuesday will be an official holiday for all schools, after the Prime Minister’s circular to suspend official institutions for the purpose of holding municipal and provincial elections.

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