The House of Representatives continues today to discuss the rate of the Cities and Villages Development Bank

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publish date 2022-03-14 08:15:17

On Monday, the House of Representatives will hold a morning legislative session, during which it will continue discussing the decision of the Economy and Investment Committee, which includes a draft law amending the Cities and Villages Development Bank Law for the year 2020, starting from Article 7 of its 23 articles.

The draft law transfers the functions and powers of the Provincial Development Fund to the bank, whose name has been changed to “Local Development Bank,” as well as changing the composition of the bank’s board of directors to be headed by the Minister of Local Administration, with the membership of the Secretary-General of the Ministry, and five members appointed by the minister, in addition to representatives of the ministries of finance and works Planning, the central bank.

Specialized parliamentary committees will meet in the House of Representatives on Monday; To discuss draft laws referred to it by the Council, and several issues, as the Finance Committee continues discussing the reports of the Audit Bureau for the year 2018, 2019, 2020, for the General Customs Department.

The Public Freedoms and Human Rights Committee will hear an explanation on the subject of (electronic bracelets) presented by one of the salaries of the Public Security Directorate.

The Agriculture, Water and Badia Committee is discussing the issue of investment in the Karama Dam site, while the Legal Committee is discussing a draft law amending the Dental Syndicate Law for the year 2020.

The National Orientation, Information and Culture Committee is discussing the work mechanism used in the ministries, finding out the truth of the news and facilitating the work of the press to obtain the news edited by them, while the Palestine Committee will meet with a delegation from the Gaza Strip.

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