Parliamentary liberties stresses the need to reduce the penalty of imprisonment that deprives of liberty

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publish date 2022-03-14 18:06:25

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Freedoms and Human Rights, Abdullah Abu Zeid, stressed the need to reduce as much as possible the penalty of imprisonment that deprives of freedom, as a type of punishment, especially with regard to penalties for minor misdemeanours, penal detention, and the application of the community punishment system and electronic monitoring, such as the electronic bracelet, which provides Deterrence without resorting to imprisonment.

This came during the committee’s meeting today, Monday, with Captain Zaid Al-Shalul from the Judicial Directorate of the Public Security Directorate, and I heard from him a detailed explanation about the electronic control system and the mechanism used in applying the penalty (electronic bracelet) and its positive and negative impact.

Abu Zeid said that the committee will make recommendations regarding the punishment of the electronic bracelet as a model for societal sanctions, and to reduce administrative detention decisions, taking into account the achievement of the highest standards of security and community peace.

In turn, the members of the committee, Representatives: Tayseer Krishan, Zuhair Saeed, Khaled Al-Shloul and Nidal Al-Hayari, praised the government’s approach to implementing such systems, considering them among the advanced systems, which would reduce the number of detainees inside reform and rehabilitation centers, and the financial costs borne by the state, in addition to developing the criminal justice system. in Jordan, and to avoid mixing detainees with convicts, and to preserve the detainees’ source of livelihood.

For his part, Al-Shulul provided a complete detail about the electronic monitoring system, as a practical alternative to penal detention, pointing out the importance of having a legislative basis through the issuance of a system or instructions related to the statement of the practical mechanism for implementing electronic monitoring in the field and its complete adoption.

He said, “The introduction of the bracelet application to detainees, came in response to the amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure No. 32 of 2017, according to which Article 114 bis was amended, and the application of electronic monitoring was introduced as one of the alternatives to penal arrest, stressing the importance of establishing a directorate specialized in electronic monitoring in the Ministry of Justice, and that In coordination with the Public Security Directorate, with the aim of following up on the people tied to the electronic bracelet.

Al-Shalol explained that the electronic bracelet achieves its purpose, as the restricted person is monitored even if he is outside the walls of the reform centers, and is followed by the security services.

And he indicated that there are conditions for implementing these alternatives, most notably the necessity that the crimes committed are of the type of misdemeanour, the penalty of which is two to three years for which arrest is permissible, in addition to the absence of the circumstance of repetition of the violation or crime, and the condition that the restricted person does not violate the terms of electronic control.

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