If your day ends at work.. 5 tips to help you manage time

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Every person dreams of having hours in which he feels comfortable and relaxed, or practicing some of his artistic and sports hobbies, or shopping in shops, but he cannot do that because work occupies most of his time, and to treat this problem, we review in this report, tips for managing time, according to the website British newspaper “Metro”.

Time management tips

“If you are given a task that takes less than 15 minutes, do the task immediately, leaving you feeling a little tired, rather than letting the small tasks pile up and feel very tired,” said Richard Evans, education expert and career coach.

rank your priorities

A person should review his list of tasks and arrange them according to their priorities, with the division of large projects into small tasks in order to get rid of the feeling of stress and be able to implement them as soon as possible.

use technology

He prefers using available technology to help manage time and get things done. “Online calendars, smartphone apps, and digital timers can help improve scheduling, meeting reminders and time management,” Richard said.

Don’t ignore stress

It is not recommended to prioritize work over health. “There are many ways in which stress can be reduced, including exercise, meditation, listening to favorite music and experimenting with different stress relief techniques,” Richard said..

say “no”

An employee doesn’t have to do everything alone, without getting rest, so he has to refuse and say ‘No’. Richard said: ‘If you feel overburdened, politely decline to take on any additional tasks and look at your to-do list. before agreeing to take on additional duties..

time management
finishing the work
finishing the work
Time management at work
Time management at work


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