6 mistakes that make your lover lose interest in you without you knowing

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“I don’t know why to change?” A question that preoccupies many people and they never know the answer, and they sometimes think that the sweetness of the beginnings in the emotional relationship and its passion is over, and this is the reason, but sometimes the reason is a mistake that she made without realizing. And the American “Your Tango” website for relationships monitored the worst common mistakes that women make and make men lose interest in them:

He can’t be himself

A man needs to feel secure enough in a relationship and doesn’t need to put in a lot of effort to get your attention and take some space for himself and get on with his private life, but sometimes a woman demands all of his attention all the time and feels like he can’t act naturally or else he’ll lose her so he suffocates and loses his interest in her.

In the event of your constant fear and despair,

In the event that a man feels that his girl suffers from constant fear and despair without clear reasons, or in a state of constant fear of separation, this may make him alienate from the relationship and try to stay away.

In the event that he feels that you are unable to

A man, like a hunter, is able to know how his partner feels in the event that he feels that you are unhappy with him or that you do not reciprocate with him the same interest and feelings. He is always looking for the extent of his influence in the relationship and whether you are happy with him or the opposite.

You don’t open your heart to him

If you set boundaries in the relationship and don’t talk about your personal life with him, he may feel that you don’t want to live with him or happy to talk to him and that he is an unacceptable person to you.

to be a lot of criticism

If he notices that you are too critical for not doing things as you like, or you are too offensive for no reason, in this case the man decides to walk away because he feels unwanted and less of you.

Talk a lot about yourself

In the event that you want to talk about yourself in a permanent way and mean to ignore or not, he feels that he is a marginalized person in your life and unwanted and it’s just time in which case he is completely away from you.

The man left the woman
Reasons why a man leaves a woman
Reasons why a man leaves a woman
Reasons why a man leaves a woman
Reasons why a man leaves a woman


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