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US Ambassador: We do not interfere in Jordanian domestic politics

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publish date 2022-03-12 21:41:49

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The American ambassador in Amman, Henry Wooster, rejected the talk that his country’s aid to Jordan is linked to political interference in Jordanian domestic affairs, indicating that in this context, matters are mixed and people interpret them incorrectly.

Wooster added, in an interview with him on the “Pulse of the Country” program on the “Roya” channel, this evening, Saturday, that this belief on the part of people is natural that there are suspicious things that happen, although the truth is much simpler than that.

He continued, “Jordan is a sovereign country, and this is the first point that everyone should know, and this is the case for all countries that they are sovereign,” stressing that Jordan makes its own decisions.

Wooster indicated that the United States of America cannot take decisions on Jordan, reiterating that there is no American interference in Jordan’s domestic politics.

“I’ve seen some articles that I think you’re alluding to, it’s not a single comment but I’m aware of this kind of thinking that we’re somehow engaged in machinations, which means for Jordan to get this help or that support,” he added.

Regarding the presence of US pressure on Jordan with regard to youth and women’s issues, Wooster said: We have priorities like all countries of the world, and in this case we want greater economic opportunities to be created in Jordan.

He explained that “one of the goals we want is to empower youth and women, taking into account that Jordan is a young country, and the good news is that these young people are educated,” noting that this is the reason behind their investment in youth.

Wooster pointed out that the US embassy has made statistics regarding women in Jordan, indicating that if the maximum number of these women are employed, a difference in the gross domestic product of about $8 billion per year will be achieved.

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