How to make crepes at home.. sweet and savory

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Crepe is one of the delicious satiating dishes, whether it is sweet or savory, but if you decide to buy it for the whole family, it will cost the budget a lot, so “The Seventh Day” with Chef Fatima Abdel Moneim reviews how to make savory and sweet crepe at home in an easy and economical way.

How to make the crepe:

Crepe Dough Ingredients:

flour cup

a cup of milk

Quarter spoon of salt

a teaspoon of sugar

an egg

Quarter of a teaspoon of vanilla

Filling ingredients

Half a kilo of pane as desired, and it can also be replaced with a type of filling available, such as cheese.

How to prepare the crepe:

In a suitable bowl, add the milk, eggs, vanilla and salt and stir well with a hand mixer, then add the flour and stir well until the mixture is blended.

You must prepare a non-stick pan and grease it with a little oil, then add a small amount of the mixture through a standard cup and spread the mixture and leave it for 30 seconds and then flatten it on the other side for another 30 seconds.

And after the quantity is finished, we stuff the crepe with fried panne, pepper slices, a little mayonnaise, ketchup, cheddar cheese or mozzarella.

Close the crepe in the form of a triangle and put it again in the pan or grill for a minute to become crispy and golden.

It is also possible to choose the filling as desired or available.

How to make sweet crepe

With the same ingredients as the crepe dough and the same method of preparation, you can prepare the sweet crepe, but with different fillings, it can be stuffed with Nutella and decorated with slices of banana or strawberry.

How to make sour crepe
How to make sweet crepe
How to make sweet crepe
The easiest way to make savory crepe
The easiest way to make savory crepe


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