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The merger of the Zamzam and Islamic Center parties under the name of the National Coalition

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publish date 2022-03-12 16:30:52

Today, Saturday, the Islamic Center Party and the National Conference (Zamzam) announced their merging under the name “National Coalition Party”.

This came during a meeting held by the two parties, today, Saturday, which was attended by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Development, Dr. Ali Al-Khawaldeh, the member of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission, Dr. Zuhair Abu Faris, and members of the general conference of the two parties.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Amawi, Secretary-General of the Islamic Wasat Party and Head of the Coordination Office for Integration, said: Through this merger, we seek the emergence of an effective national party capable of expressing the interests, priorities and concerns of society within a viable program in order to reach the formation of a parliamentary bloc with solid foundations to be an essential element in the process Successful transition towards the desired parliamentary governments.

He stressed that citizenship is the basis that unites Jordanians, and from here was harmony, peace, convergence and harmony between the Zamzam National Congress Party and the Islamic Center.

Al-Amawi added that the homeland is greater than everyone and Jordan is strong with its religious and historical legitimacy, and we are one family and we will build on achievements and not destroy them, stressing that the rule of law is the basis of rational management.

The Secretary-General of the National Congress Party, Dr. Rahil Gharaibeh, said that the next stage requires strong and effective parties capable of mastering the partisan programmatic work that emanates from reality and the ability to diagnose problems and develop alternatives and solutions with the help of experienced and qualified people.

He pointed out that the merger step has found wide acceptance by all the party’s segments and members, and we will make every effort to make this experiment a success and avoid the negatives, calling on all party members to be one hand and a cohesive force to achieve the goals.
Gharaibeh indicated that the merger will contribute to the formation of a different party scene and a different new stage.

The head of the General Conference of the National Congress Party, Kamal al-Awamleh, said that we are facing new facts on the ground that we must meet with the means that are consistent with them. Therefore, the decision to merge the two parties was a responsible and carefully studied response to the challenge of the new national situation that is being formed today with the birth of two new election laws and parties that put us before a historical moment.

The two parties had held two separate meetings before the merger was announced, during which members of each party voted separately to approve the merger.

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