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Launching development and development ownership initiatives projects in the Northern Badia

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publish date 2022-03-12 16:26:06

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In implementation of the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court, Youssef Hassan Al-Issawi, Head of the Follow-up Committee for the Implementation of His Majesty’s Initiatives, announced today, Saturday, the launch of a package of royal development and development initiatives, in the Northern Badia region of Mafraq Governorate, and inaugurated projects implemented in the context of the initiatives The property, in the Al-Ruwaished Brigade.

The royal initiatives, which were announced, included the construction of 100 homes for chaste families, the establishment of a clothing factory within the “productive branches” initiative, and providing it with the necessary means of transportation, which will provide (200-400) job opportunities for the sons and daughters of the region, in addition to implementing productive projects through associations. Cooperative in the northern Badia region.

During his meeting with a number of dignitaries of the Northern Badia and representatives of youth and women’s activities, Al-Issawi stressed that the projects of the royal initiatives will be implemented according to a time plan and with field follow-up from the Department of Follow-up to the Implementation of Royal Initiatives in the Royal Hashemite Court, in coordination with the relevant government agencies and partner agencies.

During the meeting, Al-Issawi listened to the most prominent needs and demands of the people of the northern Badia region, in an effort to meet them within the available resources, in implementation of the royal directives.

Al-Issawi said that these communication meetings come under direct directives from His Majesty the King, who is aware of the magnitude of the challenges facing the people of the region, and always stresses the need to communicate and listen to demands and needs and work to meet them, and to launch development projects and programs, within the framework of royal initiatives, to serve the region, and within The possibilities available.

He affirmed His Majesty the King’s keenness to maintain continuous communication with the sons and daughters of the country, to touch their needs and meet their demands, which His Majesty embodied in field visits to various regions of the Kingdom and to determine the reality of the situation in them, and to direct the implementation of development projects, to ensure greater justice in the distribution of development gains and revenues, and to create opportunities New work for the young men and women of the country, and the promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

Al-Isawy pointed out that the northern Badia, under royal directives, will have initiatives in various sectors in the future, especially agricultural projects, according to the needs and priority of each region.

He pointed out that through the royal initiatives, development interventions will be implemented in the northern Badia, including productive projects for active cooperative societies, with the aim of providing job opportunities for young people, improving the standard of living of families, and activating the role of the cooperative sector in achieving sustainable development. Which will provide 30 job opportunities and a source of income for the families who are members of these cooperative societies and the members of the local community.

He said that despite the challenges facing the economic reality, His Majesty the King prioritizes improving the living and service conditions of the sons and daughters of the country, and working to meet their various demands and needs, and constantly directs the need to work to achieve this, protect the poor, strengthen institutional work tools to care for the needy, and support the needy. Entrepreneurship, creativity and small and medium enterprises.

He continued, “His Majesty the King, the leader of the process of construction and achievement, is making great efforts to advance the economic reality, achieve sustainable economic growth and attract investments that contribute to providing job opportunities, especially for young people, who enjoy the care and support of His Majesty, and always stressing the need to stimulate their capabilities and empower them by embracing And support their ideas and projects to turn them into productive, income-generating projects of economic value.”

He pointed out that His Majesty’s vision for Jordan’s future is based on investing in the Jordanian person who is creative and distinguished by his giving and achievement, as the true wealth of the country, and his quest to build a better future that suits all Jordanians, and is based on excellence and creativity.

Al-Esawy indicated that, during the previous years, a number of royal initiatives were implemented in the northern Badia region, stressing the continuation of implementing more projects according to need and priority, as the focus of royal initiatives that are implemented in cooperation with the concerned government agencies is focused on supporting development and production projects. Providing job opportunities, which contribute to a qualitative shift in the targeted communities.

For their part, the dignitaries and sons and daughters of the northern Badia valued the efforts made by His Majesty King Abdullah II to advance the economic reality in local communities, and his continuous directives to implement initiatives and projects that contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

They presented the most prominent demands and needs of the region, which focused on finding solutions to the problems of poverty and unemployment in the region, supporting and encouraging farmers and agricultural projects, supporting employment programs by focusing on the implementation of productive projects that provide job opportunities, improving health, educational, cultural and infrastructure services, and supporting charities and sports clubs. and youth, attracting investments to the region, and taking care of livestock. They demanded the provision of operational vocational training through the creation of specialized centers, work on empowering women economically and socially, and stimulating tourism, especially since these areas are rich in important tourist sites. At the end of the meeting, Al-Issawi affirmed that all the issues, needs and demands that were discussed will be submitted to His Majesty, and that some of the demands and issues raised will be studied and followed up with the concerned government agencies, and put them on the list of their priorities.

In addition, Al-Isawy inaugurated, in the presence of the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Yahya Al-Kasabi, and the Governor of Mafraq, Salman Al-Najada, projects implemented in Al-Ruwaished District, including the delivery of housing to chaste families, and the opening of a public park in the Manshiyat Al-Ghiath area, which were implemented in the context of the royal initiatives, and came with generous funding from The sisterly United Arab Emirates, within the framework of the development projects it is undertaking, including the new hospital, to serve the local community in the Al-Ruwaished District, which translates on the ground the strong historical brotherly relations that bind the two brotherly countries and peoples.

In the Manshiyat Al-Ghiath area, Al-Isawy handed over 20 chaste families their new homes, which were furnished and provided with all the necessary equipment. The chaste families housing initiative, which was launched under royal directives in 2005, and included all governorates of the Kingdom, aims to provide a decent life for beneficiary families who are the most deserving and deserving, and are selected according to principles that take into account the achievement of justice and transparency adopted by the Ministry of Social Development, while housing is designed according to the highest specifications. Engineering and technical, which take into account the circumstances of the beneficiaries, especially those with disabilities.

Al-Issawi also inaugurated the public park in the Manshiyat Al-Ghiath area, which was built on an area of ​​6800 square meters, and includes two play areas, a five-a-side ball court, and other facilities, to be an outlet for the people of the area and the neighboring areas.

The royal initiatives included the establishment of dozens of model gardens and the rehabilitation of many urban villages and gardens in various regions of the Kingdom, which constitute an outlet for the people, and include training centers for members of local communities, in addition to opening branches of institutions concerned with children, to enable them to embrace talents, develop their positive thinking and develop their creative abilities.

Al-Isawy inspected the new Al-Ruwaished Hospital project, and reviewed the progress of the operational works and medical equipment in the project, which had a total area of ​​about 3,068 square metres. The establishment of the hospital, with a capacity of 20 beds, aims to improve the level of services and health care for citizens, as it includes five dialysis units, four intensive care rooms (completely isolated), a laboratory, a pharmacy, and other medical and administrative facilities. Al-Ruwaished Brigade witnessed the implementation of many royal initiatives in various vital sectors, including: education, health, social development, tourism, infrastructure, strengthening the role of civil society institutions, productive income-generating projects, and empowering women and youth economically, according to development priorities that meet The needs of the local community and target groups, within specific timetables, in cooperation and partnership with government agencies and civil society institutions. The idea of ​​“productive branches”, which was launched under royal directives in 2008, is based on establishing production branches for factories and large companies in specific areas of villages and governorates, to make it easier for young men and girls to go to the workplace, after undergoing qualifying training programs to work in these factories.

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