The aphorism in make-up and loud voice.. Mistakes that may appear in the first “Date”

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Some may feel perplexed that the first meeting of acquaintance with the other party was not successful, despite his interest in his elegance and arrangement of his speech throughout the interview period. In this report, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website.

Reasons why the first dating interview was unsuccessful

The report indicated that putting on a lot of make-up causes a bad impression on the man in the first acquaintance interview, in addition to the lack of self-confidence of the man or woman, among the reasons that lead to a bad impression on the other party, and other reasons, which are:

Everyone is attracted to the kind person, who does not interfere in the affairs of others, as well as does not insult or slander others, because this leads to a feeling of disgust on the other party.

Comparing the other party to another person.

Lying exaggerated.

Trying to get the other party’s attention

Play the victim.

The report pointed out some tips that help in the success of the first interview, which are:

A potential partner should not be compared to anyone else.

Attention to personal appearance with a little makeup for women.

Avoid being loud when speaking in the first interview.

Not to play the role of the victim because it left a bad impression on the other party.

It may be normal to talk to the other person about the previous romantic relationship and its pain, but it is not recommended to talk about it again.

dating interview
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The first interview was unsuccessful
The first interview was unsuccessful


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