Causes of strawberry skin and ways to get rid of it.. the most important of which is the natural fiber.. “Video”

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Strawberry skin syndrome is one of the common skin problems that appear on the skin, especially the feet, which are black dots that appear on the skin that resemble the surface of strawberries, and many girls find it difficult to get rid of them, and this was explained by Dr. Her talk to “The Seventh Day TV” confirmed that it appears on the skin as a result of a natural protein secreted by the body in the skin, skin, hair and nails..

Strawberry Skin Syndrome:

The skin and hair care expert added that this syndrome is a result of excessive protein secretion, which leads to the accumulation of fat in this part of the skin in addition to the growth of hair under the skin, and sometimes it may reach the appearance of boils and colored spots..

Strawberry skin removal:

The skin and hair care expert said, this problem can be treated by following two steps, exfoliation and moisturizing, by using very simple ingredients: sugar, coconut oil, silt and 2 cups of crushed hibiscus in addition to essential oil..

How to make a scrub to get rid of strawberry skin:

This method depends on mixing equal amounts of coconut oil and olive oil, stirring well, then adding sugar and kaolin silt, then adding ground hibiscus, and essential oil..

How to use

It is recommended to wet the body with warm water and put the scrub on the natural “loofah”, distribute it on the body and leave it for a period of not less than ten minutes, until the body absorbs the benefits of the oils, then rub the body with “the loofah”, and wash it with lukewarm water twice a week until getting rid of those points permanently, Continue until you get rid of strawberry skin syndrome.


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