Al-Faisaly pays his debts and raises the financial seizure on him

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publish date 2022-03-10 12:10:37

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The management of the Al-Faisaly club paid the amount owed by the club in favor of a person in court, accordingly, the precautionary seizure of the club’s property and all balances was lifted.

The club had commented officially on the judicial decision to seize his money in the Football Association and the Umniah company (the sponsor of the football team), and the approved bank for the club’s accounts.

The comment came through the media spokesperson for the temporary committee in charge of managing the club, Nidal Al-Assaf, who confirmed that the reason for the reservation was due to previous checks cases that were submitted against the club in 2018, and recently obtained a final ruling.

Al-Assaf indicated that the temporary committee will meet soon, to discuss the decision to seize the club’s funds, in preparation for taking the appropriate decisions that ensure the end of this case.

Well-informed sources in the Al-Faisaly Club revealed to “Akhbar Al-Jordan” that the decision to seize the club’s property arrived last Thursday, at a time when the head of the temporary administrative body, Eng. Nidal Al-Hadid, was holding his press conference.

This clarification comes in light of the “definitive” judicial decision issued by one of the Omani courts, which ordered the seizure of all Al-Faisaly club’s funds and bank account, in addition to the allocations obtained from the Football Association.

The same sources added that these required checks are old and not new, and before the advent of the interim administration, noting that a financial settlement was made with the owner of the checks authorized by his lawyer.

The sources pointed out that the settlement was to pay 20 thousand dinars in mid-February, and five thousand dinars on a monthly basis.

The sources indicated that the value of the required amounts is 50 thousand dinars, and that it must now be paid in full; The fact that the judicial decision regarding it is final.

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