Mudar Badran..a statesman with a traversal of political and security storms

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Illustrated by: Nasser Al-Jaafari

Written by: Muhammad Al-Rantissi

Mudar Badran is considered one of the “statemen”, who held several sensitive positions, in his career in public work that spanned over decades, during which the Kingdom witnessed exceptional challenges.

Among the most prominent positions held by Badran, born in Jerash in 1934, a legal advisor in the armed forces, prosecutor general of the treasury of the armed forces, assistant director of intelligence for the external department, director of general intelligence, minister of education, chief of the royal court, prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and defense, member of the council Jordanian notables, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and Chairman of the Royal Committee for Building Yarmouk, Science and Technology and Hashemite Universities, which took over the position of Chairman of its Board of Trustees.

Although Mudar Badran, who formed 4 governments, has been absent from the public scene and the media for more than two decades, his memoirs, which were published about two years ago, brought the man’s name back to the scene, as many consider the book a “treasure of information”, especially The sensational ones, which are published for the first time, while this does not preclude the existence of criticisms that extend to the truth of the information and events contained in the book.

Mudar Badran is considered one of the most important prime ministers in Jordan, through two main stations. The first is that he came at the stage of the structural openness of institutions, although he came from the security institution represented by the General Intelligence Department, but the man was institutional par excellence, as evidenced by the fact that many of our national institutions were built during The periods during which he headed the government, and accordingly we can say that he came in a great storm, the storm of structural openness, and he succeeded in managing this “storm” with wisdom and skill, and was an active part and contributor to building the institutions of the Jordanian state.

As for the second station, it is represented that King Hussein – may God have mercy on him – was the best choice in the eleventh parliament, “Parliament 89”, which came after the April gift and the return of party life, and the end of martial law. He was able to do that as a strict man, in addition to being a security man, and thus he was able to contain all this large amount of criticism, and to absorb all that anger at the time.
It must also be noted, that Mudar Badran, during the era of his second government, was able to contain the Islamists and include them in his government through 5 ministers at once.

We also do not forget that the man, in his official position as prime minister, lived through the Iraqi crisis, represented by the Iraqi entry into Kuwait on August 2, 1990, and the subsequent American invasion of Iraq. The man was able to be a bridge between the palace and the Jordanian people, in The relationship with the crisis, he was, as usual, a skilled and experienced politician.

Badran is described by his contemporaries as a “strict man” in implementing the state’s vision, especially in the phases of political and economic storms, and security challenges. The former chief of the royal court, Khaled al-Karak, said of him that he is “a difficult man when it gets dark.”

During his career, Badran was exposed in the early eighties to an assassination attempt that coincided with the period of poor Jordanian-Syrian relations, and he said that the operation was exposed to the General Intelligence Department at that time, and the assassination team was arrested, in one of the apartments in the Sweileh area, and the matter ended with that.

It is well known that Mudar Badran does not compliment or belittle his opinions and advice, and considers that his frankness in dealing with His Majesty the King, “It is not in my interest for me to be like that, but rather for him, for me to be like that.”

Badran believes that “the monarchy in Jordan is a safety valve for Jordanians, and without it, it will be the end of this state.” For Jordan, it makes everyone on the crater of a volcano, exposed to earthquakes, and the fires of sedition and instability may attack us.”

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