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The polar depression deepened, and the temperature decreased

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publish date 2022-03-10 20:43:36

It is expected, God willing, that the impact of the second-class atmospheric depression will deepen during the day on Friday, accompanied by a very cold and polar air mass, so that there will be another significant decrease in temperatures so that they become much colder than their usual rates for this time of year and by about 10 degrees Celsius. The weather is cold in most areas, and very cold in the higher mountainous elevations.

It is expected that the weather will be windy and rainy, God willing, in the north and center of the Kingdom, with hail showers falling at intervals, and snow showers sometimes falling over the high mountainous heights that are more than 1100 meters above sea level.

In the afternoon hours, the chances of precipitation decline, so that the precipitation becomes intermittent and random, often in the form of freezing precipitation.

During the hours of Friday night, the air depression moves away from the Kingdom, while the Kingdom is affected by the flow of polar winds behind the air depression with generally weak effectiveness, so that there is a more tangible decrease in temperatures and approaching zero degrees Celsius in some areas, and the weather is very cold in Most of the areas fluctuate between partly cloudy and cloudy, and light showers of rain and snow are possible, especially in the early hours of the night.

And in the late night hours of Friday / Saturday, freezing is not ruled out in the high mountainous heights, especially the southern ones.

On Saturday, it is expected that the Kingdom will remain under the influence of a very cold and polar air mass, but with no air activity except for cold weather during the day and bitterly cold at night, with expectations of a strong wave of frost that will include most regions of the Kingdom and may affect some areas of the Jordan Valley, especially the northern ones.

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