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Expert: Jordan’s stockpile of some commodities is not reassuring

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publish date 2022-03-09 22:13:39

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The representative of the food industries sector in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Muhammad Al-Jitan, confirmed that determining the price ceilings came for only two weeks.

Al-Jitan added, in the context of his talk to the “Pulse of the Country” program on the “Roya” channel, this evening, Wednesday, that the government has measures to reduce the price hike in the coming days by reducing taxes.

He pointed out that from “today” until the end of Ramadan, food prices will not be raised.

On the other hand, the media spokesman for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply Yanal Al-Barmawi said that the price ceilings will be reconsidered to preserve the markets, indicating that they (i.e. the price ceilings) contributed to controlling the markets.

For his part, the head of the Karak Chamber of Commerce, Mamdouh Al-Qarala, considered that setting the price ceilings for vegetable oil is unfair.

Financial analyst Sarkis Nizar said that the rise in oil will have negative effects on all commodities, indicating that the price hike will come sooner or later.

Nizar stressed that the solutions to confront this rise are not by stockpiling materials, noting that the price hike began since March of the year 2020, that is, with the beginning of the Corona pandemic, and is not linked to the events of the war in Ukraine.

He added that there were several crises that raised prices, calling not to blame the consumer for storing these foodstuffs.

As for the economic expert, Mazen Irsheid, he considered that Jordan’s stockpile of some food commodities is not reassuring.

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