To get rid of anxiety and stress… Follow these steps

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publish date 2022-03-07 10:49:14

In the midst of the tensions we live in, and the burdens of modern life, some people get nervous and nervous, which increases the feeling of inner turmoil. Here we show you 5 ways to help you relax and de-stress.

Stress, anxiety and fear are all negative feelings that may turn our lives into hell if we cannot overcome them and get rid of them. However, this matter is not so easy as we imagine. Feelings of anxiety and tension infiltrate our lives against our will. The life we ​​live, the surrounding events, society, work conditions and the whole family may cause Great internal pressure and internal tension.

Deutsche Welle quoted the German “Fit for Fun” website, which specializes in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, that the consequences of internal tensions may be severe for the health of the body. If the body is tense, the brain sends out emotions such as insomnia or negative thoughts, and the consequences are symptoms such as lack of concentration, increased heartbeat, sweaty hands or stomach pain.

However, the solution may not always be through the use of medicines and drugs. There are some daily ways to deal with nervousness and alleviate it in the short and long term, which we present here, with our affirmation that the tips here are for guidance only and not a substitute for the doctor, and if you are constantly worried and stressed, see the doctor:

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mental relaxation
If you are struggling with negative thoughts and anxiety, it is important to let your mind rest and redirect your thoughts. Asking self questions such as “Do I have to do this task today?” or “What’s the worst that could happen as a result?” May be useful to ward off fears and anxiety.

self encouragement
Before you go to bed or after you wake up, you can write positive affirmations such as “I trust my abilities,” and say them out loud. If you internalize these beliefs, they can increase your long-term self-esteem and reduce stress.

Also, repeat before doing work tasks. You can always remember the sentences “I can do this” or “I trust my inner strength,” or best of all say them out loud.

Bring positive vibes to life
Once negative thoughts arise, you can also influence positive thoughts and feelings. In situations where you feel stressed or anxious, it can help to remember special moments or situations when you felt strong and comfortable.

There are several methods that can help you with this:

Music affects our emotional state and can evoke certain memories.
Look at the photos you took while on vacation, for example.
Imagine beautiful places.
Focusing on positive thoughts and memories not only relieves stress, but also distracts you from anxiety and stress.

Physical relaxation and breathing exercises
Physical relaxation is just as important as mental relaxation. Sometimes a short walk can help relieve stress. If you suffer from chronic nervousness, you should try exercises such as yoga, and these techniques can help you relax in the long term and better control new stress waves.

reward yourself
Work, family and many other factors can make you feel stressed. Most importantly, don’t forget yourself and pamper yourself from time to time. Think about how to make yourself happy with small gifts like:

Soothing bath.
An evening on the sofa just reading your favorite book.
Cook your favorite dish.
Meet up with friends.
Sometimes nervousness can also have physical causes such as hypothyroidism, so if you suffer from persistent persistent nervousness it is best to consult a doctor.

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