From the type to the shape of the place.. Things you need to know before choosing home mirrors

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The mirror is not only important to lose your appearance in front of it, but it is an important decorative piece in any room in the house, and this is what modern technology has added to the manufacture of high-quality mirrors made of a glass plate on which a layer of reflective metal such as silver or aluminum is placed, there are some criteria for choosing the appropriate mirror, In order to find the appropriate shape for the place you will put it in, the seventh day reviews some information about these points to help you choose according to the site “guide” As follows:

First, the types of mirrors

You can choose to have a wall-mounted or free-standing mirror, a table or a ceiling-mounted mirror.

Installed mirror:

Wall-mounted mirrors are the most common and require a proper mount on the wall to be well placed. They come in different shapes, sizes and innovative designs such as Stair Mirror From Power StudioThis mirror creates the optical illusion of staircases protruding from the wall, giving dimension and texture to the space.

self mirror:

Self-mirror This type of mirror is usually full-length to show a full-body reflection, Free-standing mirrors can easily be moved, but take up space on the floor, they must be placed carefully to avoid being broken or damaged.

table mirror:

Table mirrors are small to medium in size and can be supported by a small pole that holds it upright.

ceiling mirrors:

Ceiling-mounted mirrors can be glued to the ceiling. They are best used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, boutiques, and public buildings.

Second: the shape of the mirrors

Mirrors can come in different shapes, but the most common are rectangular, round or oval. When choosing the right mirror shape, you will need to think about how to do it. Large and simple rectangular mirrors make rooms appear brighter and more spacious, mirrors with designs or shapes can be chosen Unusual to coordinate with existing decor or stand out as a focal point.

frame used:

When choosing a mirror frame, consider how it matches the decor and materials in the room, frames vary between wood, metal and leather, in addition to materials, the design and thickness of the frame are also important, as they can determine the style of the mirror, different styles to choose from include classic and contemporary.

The room where the mirror is to be placed:

The entryway or reception area of ​​the house can have large mirrors mounted on the wall to reflect the light. This can create the impression of a larger space that is visually appealing and welcoming to visitors, the living room can be decorated with mirrors in strategic locations such as furniture or fireplaces to highlight points of interest, the office room can be placed a vanity mirror mounted on the wall to reflect more light in the room, and in the bathroom is better A place to be placed above the sink.


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