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The success of removing a malignant tumor with a complex operation in the medical city

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publish date 2022-03-06 22:43:51

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The surgery to remove a malignant tumor extending from the chest cavity to the abdominal cavity (diaphragmatic leimyosarcom) was successful by a surgical team of doctors from the Department of Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Thoracic Surgery at Al-Hussein Medical City.

The head of general surgery and liver transplant surgery consultant, Brigadier General Doctor Samir Al-Smadi, indicated that these operations are only performed in advanced centers in the world and require collective effort and cooperation between different surgical specialties and anesthesiologists.

The senior specialist in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, Lt. Col. Dr. Raed Al-Jarrah, stated that the patient was diagnosed based on radiological images, as she was suffering from abdominal pain, and after the joint medical meeting for surgical specialties and anesthesia, the operation was performed.

The surgeon added that the difficulty of performing such operations lies in the location of the tumor, its size, and its proximity to the main veins and arteries of the body; Because it extends between the temporal membrane of the heart muscle, the main aorta, the left lung, the diaphragm, the spleen area, the pancreas, and the stomach, causing a blockage of the stomach.

He explained that this surgical procedure needs to control the expected bleeding in such cases, as the operation took place, without the presence of surgical bleeding and with the preservation of the spleen, pancreas and stomach.

The consultant of thoracic surgery, Lt. Col. Alaa Qait, stated that the removal of this tumor required the removal of the sternum of the rib cage, part of the ribs and part of the left lung, while preserving the main veins and arteries. A restoration was made for the rib cage and the ribs, with the placement of a grid in the place of the cavity in the rib cage.

And the anesthesiologist Oksana Hamarsheh indicated that such a procedure requires special anesthetic procedures; Given the difficulty of the case and the time taken to perform such operations, she confirmed that the operation was carried out without medical problems while maintaining the patient’s vital signs. (Hala news)

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