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Al-Daghmi threatens to refer Al-Samirat to the Behavior Committee: Patience has limits

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publish date 2022-03-07 13:27:45

A new altercation erupted between Parliament Speaker Abdel Karim Al-Daghmi and MP Raed Al-Samirat, during Monday’s session to discuss the parties’ bill.

The head of the dogged council asked the council members to allow al-Samirat to present his speech because of its connection to a circumstance (a case of death), but al-Samirat said: “Whoever dies there is someone to bury him while I am sitting here.. and I do not provoke, and it is not permissible for you to provoke me.”

But Al-Daghmi responded angrily by saying: “Patience has limits, and I bear what my colleague (Samirat) bears, and after a while I will ask to refer him to the Behavior Committee, if he continues to provoke in this way, and I respected him when he said I have a burial.” : “Shut up, don’t talk while I’m talking.”

It is noteworthy that a recent altercation erupted between Al-Daghmi and Al-Samirat, prior to the quarrel witnessed by the parliament during the first session of discussing the constitutional amendments.


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