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A new victim in Naour.. stray dogs ate the face of the little girl, Tolin (photos)

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publish date 2022-03-06 23:28:14

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There was recently an incident of stray dogs attacking a child in the Naour Brigade of the capital, Amman, in a frequent incident recently.

Jordan is increasingly witnessing the spread of stray dogs in all its areas, without the response of the concerned authorities, despite citizens’ complaints and repeated incidents of abuse.

The child, Tolin Nafez Salameh, was one of the latest victims of stray dogs in Naour, after they ate her face, while the doctors assessed her poor health.

According to the information circulated on social media platforms by her relatives, Tolin needs several surgeries, knowing that she had some operations to save her eye.

And about a month ago, users of social media platforms shared a video clip of a group of dogs biting a child near the Al-Tafih area of ​​Zarqa Governorate.

The video shows, the moment large numbers of dogs attacked a little girl who could not resist them, while her brother (another child) saved her, as the dogs ran away when he came running to help his sister.

Citizens in Zarqa demanded the municipalities, specifically the Hallabat municipality, to solve this problem, which they considered to be troubling for them.

According to the citizens, two children (3 years and 4 years old) were attacked by rabid dogs that ate parts of their bodies. They were taken to Zarqa Governmental Hospital, one of whom is in critical condition.

The parents of the two children demanded that they be treated at the expense of the government, and that they be transferred to Al Hussein Medical City Hospital, especially since they need plastic surgery, in addition to the difficult financial condition of their father, who is one of the unemployed.

The parents of the two children stressed the need to contain and eliminate the huge numbers of stray dogs in the area.

In early November 2021, the Head of the Department of Common Diseases in the Directorate of Communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Alaa Hudeeb, revealed that about 6,000 cases of infertility occur annually in the Kingdom, due to stray dogs, which is equivalent to 80 to 100 cases per week. .

Hadib told Public Security Radio that the cost of treating infertility amounts to about 650 dinars, while the annual costs amount to about 3 million dinars, which is about “serums and vaccinations.”

He called on those exposed to the drug to “the need to review the competent health centers, and not to be lenient, as this disease is dangerous and contagious and may lead to death, because there is no cure for rabies, which is a virus that spreads through the saliva of infected animals and infected animals spread the virus by biting.”

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