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A government expert talks about “certificate pricing” in Jordan

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publish date 2022-03-06 21:25:24

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The former director of the Institute of Public Administration, Dr. Mahmoud Qudah, said that the previous public sector restructuring was marred by many errors, in addition to the financial costs that resulted from this restructuring.

In the context of his speech to the “Voice of the Kingdom” program, on the “Mamlaka” channel, this evening, Sunday, Al-Qudah added that this restructuring did not address distortions in the Jordanian public administration, nor did it work on pricing jobs.

He continued, “Now we have pricing certificates, indicating that there may be someone holding a master’s degree and working as a “receptionist” and receiving a salary of 500 dinars per month, for example, and at the same time, it is possible to bring someone who holds a Tawjihi certificate and works in the same job and with a lower salary ( For example, 300 dinars per month).

The judges emphasized that the basic principle is that the salary is for the job, then we move towards pricing jobs, and accordingly, the structuring did not address this problem.

He believed that the restructuring was also unable to control the jobs of comprehensive contracts, and therefore the jobs of these contracts are not priced, indicating that a legal advisor who graduated from a private university receives a salary of 3,000 dinars in a specific body, and at the same time we find that a person with the same job holds a master’s degree from the university. Jordan, for example, does not take the same salary.

He called on the judges to identify the jobs we need as comprehensive contracts; Being specialized jobs, so that they have a specific price, pointing out the importance of having a pricing committee for these jobs.

He pointed out that we have a defect in the rewards, and therefore this restructuring “needs to be restructured,” and accordingly the recent government trend came to form a committee to look into this restructuring, as well as the King’s talk about the need to modernize the public sector.

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