A specialist warns of 8 types of scorpions and reveals their places of spread

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publish date 2022-03-06 09:31:42

The Egyptian specialist, Maha Ghanem, warned that “in Egypt, there are 8 types of yellow and black scorpions,” explaining that “treatment is available free of charge to poison centers.”

In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, Maha Ghanem, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Clinical Toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine at Alexandria University and former Director of the Poison Center, said: “Scorpions are divided into two colors in Egypt. It is spread in the cities of Aswan and Burj Al Arab in Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, Sinai and Baltim in Kafr El-Sheikh.

Maha Ghanem explained that “the symptoms of poisoning from scorpions in the place of a scorpion sting, are pain, numbness, tingling, and slight swelling and may lead to more dangerous symptoms, including difficulty breathing, muscle trembling or beating, unusual movements in the head, neck, eyes, drooling, sweating, vomiting, nausea, high blood pressure, and acceleration rates.” Heart pounding, restlessness or irritability and crying.”

The Egyptian specialist indicated that “the treatment of poisoning consists in washing the place of injury with soap and water to remove rings, watches and guilt, if found, and attaching a light screen to the top of the place of injury, as well as placing ice in the place of injury for 10 minutes and raising it for 10 minutes with repetition, and in the hospital the treatment is carried out Serum against scorpion toxins after doing an allergy test.

Maha Ghanem said, “The scorpion is a rank of invertebrate animals belonging to the arachnid class. It has eight feet. It lives in hot and dry areas, hiding in burrows and cracks, and under stones and rocks, seeking moisture and avoiding the heat of the sun. There are scorpions in the world around 2000 species, and most scorpions are poisonous, as the poisonous gland is located at the end of the tail, and the bite of some species is very dangerous to humans compared to a snake bite.

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