5 ingredients that must be avoided in cosmetics .. “Its harm is not limited to the skin”

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We hear daily about new beauty products, some of them are very expensive, and some are also cheap, and there are those who rely on oils and natural products, and there are also those who use chemicals, which cause great danger to hair and skin, and in any case there are materials involved in the manufacture of these products there. Useful and harmful, the seventh day reviews some harmful ingredients that you should avoid when buying cosmetics, according to the website “timesofindia” As follows:


Phthalates are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens and are specifically used in nail products, hair sprays, and many other skin care products.


Toluene is another chemical used in nail products strong enough to be diluted for paint, and it is a petrochemical that is toxic to the liver and is known to cause birth defects in fetuses.


Cosmetics, hair coloring, and skin care products with a thick, creamy, and heavy texture may contain this ingredient to be avoided, which helps alter the skin’s natural moisturizing factor. .

Carbon blackl:

Although it was added to the FDA’s list FDA For banned products, it is still found in cosmetics, and is found in most darker black pigments in carbon black eye makeup.

Talk those:

In 2019, the Food and Drug Administration advised FDA Consumers avoid using some cosmetics because they test positive for asbestos or talc, and even asbestos-free talc should be avoided. Talc increases the risk of hydronephrosis and is linked to ovarian, endometrial, and lung cancer.

Therefore, it is advised before buying cosmetics to make sure that they are free of these ingredients that may harm the body as a whole and not just the skin and hair, while following the rules of skin and hair care all the time, provided that they are natural and reliable.





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