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Works warns of prevailing weather conditions and publishes emergency room numbers

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publish date 2022-03-06 22:40:52

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing warned citizens traveling on external roads against the low horizontal visibility resulting from the formation of thick dust and sandstorms associated with the prevailing weather conditions, especially in the eastern and southern regions, and the risk of slipping on the roads due to rain, according to information received from the Department of Public Works and Housing. Meteorological.

In a press release issued by the Information and Communication Unit, the Ministry confirmed the readiness of its cadres, which are equipped with the necessary equipment, to deal with all weather conditions. To process the comments received by it over the course of 24 hours through its 98 teams distributed over the various governorates of the Kingdom.

She stressed that coordination is taking place on a permanent and continuous basis with the ministry’s partners to work on solving and addressing all observations on a periodic basis to maintain the sustainability of services provided to citizens, and to close some roads precautionary in coordination with partners in public security, according to the government approach followed.

The ministry indicated that its field cadres, distributed over all regions of the Kingdom, are constantly conducting field inspection tours to ensure the sustainability of the services provided to citizens and work to resolve the observations immediately.

It called on citizens to take the utmost care, caution and caution while driving on external roads, to follow the rules of safe driving and to abide by the directives of its cadres working in the field and the cadres of partners in the Public Security Directorate, and not to hesitate to report any observation through direct communication with the main operations room in the ministry and operating rooms In the governorates, or through the application of the Works Reporting System on smartphones or through its operations rooms, on the following numbers: Operations Room Liaison Officer WhatsApp (0780377223), the Ministry’s Emergency Main Operations Room (065850111), Karak Directorate Works Operations Room (0780377231), Operations room of Jerash Governorate Works Directorate (0780377187), Madaba Works Directorate operations room (0780377366), Maan Governorate Works Directorate operations room (0780377338), Mafraq Governorate Works directorate operations room (0780377389), Al Balqa Governorate Works Directorate operations room (0780377413), room Operations of the Directorate of Works of Tafila Governorate (0780377435), operations room of the Directorate of Works of Ajloun Governorate (0780377324, operations room of the Directorate of Works of Zarqa Governorate (0780377125), operations room M Aqaba Governorate Works Directorate (0780377351), Irbid Governorate Works Directorate Operations Room (0780377273), Ramtha District Works Directorate (0780377394), Capital Governorate Works Directorate (0780377291), Petra Province Works Directorate (0780377012).

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