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The local administration declares a state of light emergency due to the Khamasini depression

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publish date 2022-03-06 17:23:00

The Ministry of Local Administration announced, starting today, Sunday, a light emergency, according to the developments of the Khamasini depression, which is currently affecting the Kingdom.

The ministry asked the main emergency rooms in the ministry and in the municipalities, joint services councils and municipal affairs directorates in the governorates and districts to deal immediately with any emergency events that may accompany the Khamasini depression, to inform the main operating room in it of developments first-hand, and to coordinate and cooperate fully with the administrative rulers and other operating rooms affiliated with my ministries Public Works, the Interior, Public Security, Civil Defense, the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Greater Amman Municipality in their respective regions and to provide all efforts and capabilities available to them to face emergency situations and events that may accompany the Khamasini depression.

Ministry of Local Administration emergency room phones: 06-4631987 direct: 06-4622372 direct, ext.: 06-4641393 ext. (421) emergency room direct faxes: 064650239064652269.

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