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It is time for the partisans to hold accountable those who are depriving them of their rights

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publish date 2022-03-06 14:05:43

MP Ahmed Al-Qatawneh confirmed that we are at the stage where the party member should not be afraid to announce his party, in reference to the restrictions that were being imposed on party affiliations.

Al-Qatawneh said during the parliament’s session today, Sunday, that “the time has come for the partisans not to submit their resignations from the parties for the purpose of their children getting jobs,” adding, “It is time for each party to hold accountable anyone who begs himself to deprive him of conscription in the Arab army or deprivation.” From training in official institutions because he has party affiliations.”

He stressed the need to find measures directed to universities to change their policy towards students who belong to parties, because university students suffer the most.

He pointed out to many deputies who spoke from the pulpit of the House of Representatives, how the security approval deprived many people of work, training, and other things, considering that Article 4 of the Parties Bill is a new beginning for reform.

He invited young people to join political parties and participate in decision-making.

Article 4 of the draft law on parties stipulates that Jordanians have the right to establish and join parties in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

It also states, “It is prohibited to attack any Jordanian, including infringing on his constitutional and legal rights, or to hold him accountable and accountable from any official or unofficial body because of his or one of his relatives’ party affiliation.

It also prevents exposure to students of higher education institutions because of their affiliation and partisan and political activity, and those who have been subjected to exposure contrary to the provisions of this article have the right to resort to the competent courts to raise the objection and claim compensation for material and moral damage.

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