A source reveals the reasons for Ahmed Thaer’s absence and Vieira’s position

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publish date 2022-03-05 20:20:30

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The absence of Al-Wehdat star Ahmed Thaer from the Al-Wehdat matches against Ma’an and Al-Jazeera in the Shield Championship raised a state of astonishment and comment among the various Al-Wehdat fans, observers and followers.

Ahmed Thaer is considered one of the promising stars in the ranks of the units that have graduated in the age groups, and he succeeded in establishing his name in the starting lineup of the units and calling him to the first national team, where Al-Wehdat fans see him as one of the players who are distinguished by giving and belonging to the club.

A source in the administrative apparatus of the Al-Wehdat team confirms that the coach of the Brazilian team, Josephine Vieira, who moves with full powers, stipulated that the star Ahmed Thaer, take more action and effectiveness in the training, especially since he is an experienced coach who does not recognize the popular popularity and the names.

Many observers go to the question: Is the conviction of the former coaches in the units and the national team regarding Ahmed Thaer as a distinguished star in the midfield different from the conviction and vision of Brazilian Vieira for this player?

It is reported that Vieira is preparing, after the shield championship, to present five names to the board of directors in preparation for their departure from the team, in line with his technical and tactical vision.

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