The temperature is starting to rise.. Know your skin care routine after winter

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Moving from one season to another requires updating our wardrobe and choosing what suits the weather, which also applies to the skin, which needs a special skin care routine that suits the different weather conditions, and with the gradual rise of temperatures, we review the best skin care routine before the summer enters, according to the website. “healthline”.

Summer skincare routine:


It is best to look for a face wash that is full of skin-nourishing vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E.


It is preferable to use the scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells without causing irritation and without stripping the skin of the oils it needs.


The toner helps tighten pores, removes impurities, and rebalances your skin. It can be extracted from grape seed or peach extract.


Before buying a moisturizer, it is preferable to look for a type that suits your skin, in order to be specific, look for a moisturizer derived from natural plants.

Sun cream :

It is preferable that you distribute the sunscreen in an even manner in all areas of the face, taking into account the selection of a sunscreen suitable for the type of skin, and also it is preferable to apply light creams.

Tonight care:

Repeat the morning routine, following all steps except for sunscreen.

Eye cream:

The area around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face and one of the first areas to show signs of aging, so it is necessary to take care of it and maintain daily care methods, while eye creams often contain the same ingredients as a regular moisturizer but contain fewer chemicals that cause irritation .

Oatmeal mask:

It is preferable to use an oatmeal mask with apple cider vinegar, as it reduces the acidity of the skin while removing excess oil.

Daily skincare routine

Skin care
Skin care


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