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The cumulative precipitation rate increased to 69.5%

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publish date 2022-03-05 14:24:36

The cumulative rainfall rate rose from the beginning of the season on all governorates of the Kingdom until Friday morning, to 69.5 percent, about 5700.5 million cubic meters out of the long-term annual rate of 8.1 billion cubic meters.

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation said in a statement today, Saturday, that the highest percentage of precipitation recorded during the 24 hours accompanying the depression until yesterday morning in Irbid / Al-Hosn was 24.4 mm, as the storage of live dams this morning reached 82,603 ​​million m3 with a total storage rate of 29.4. percent.

Regarding precipitation rates, the ministry indicated that its monitoring stations recorded during the last depression until Friday morning in the Capital Governorate 10.1 mm, Balqa 11.6 mm, Madaba 1.5 mm, Zarqa 3.1 mm, Jerash 12.7 mm, Mafraq 1, 9 mm, Irbid 13.3 mm, Ajloun 17,9 mm, Karak 0 mm, Tafila 0.3 mm, Maan 0 mm, Aqaba 0.1 mm.

She added that the percentage of rainfall in the Kingdom until yesterday morning, out of the general average of long-term precipitation in Irbid 85.8 percent, Ajloun 76.6 percent, Jerash 45.7 percent, Mafraq 47.2 percent, the capital Amman 85 percent, Salt 91 percent, Madaba 59 percent, Karak 53.1 percent, Tafila 38.3 percent, Shobak 37 percent, Maan 61 percent, Aqaba 183.8 percent.


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