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Hajj Tawfik warns against leaving things to chance or indulgence

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publish date 2022-03-05 09:02:07

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The head of the Food Traders Syndicate, Khalil Haj Tawfiq, said that the world has not yet recovered from the Corona pandemic to enter the tunnel of the “Tsar Putin” pandemic, and no one knows when the war will end and whether it will remain in this way or develop into a cold war, economic, electronic, viral food, adding that what is Our concern in Jordan is the impact of this war and its repercussions on our economy, and this is what we must work for, not to waste our time analyzing the war and being preoccupied with its details more than the people of war themselves.

Hajj Tawfiq indicated that he proposed a few days ago, “forming a cell to manage a crisis that anticipates events and the effects of that war on us and sets recipes to mitigate the damage or negative repercussions, and also sets more than one scenario and option to deal with this crisis, which we must not underestimate its negative repercussions in the future on all peoples of the earth.” In addition to all that, citizens must be informed in full transparency and boldness of what this cell discusses and decides, especially in the economic aspect and what affects the citizen’s livelihood.”

And he continued: “If the proposed name is not appropriate, then it should be changed as the government wants, but matters remain managed by piece and timid reactions to everything written and published on social media, and that our discussions are limited and waste our time, effort and thinking on the rate of the increase in the price of a tin of oil or a ton of chickpeas and the filing of charges. For the private sector, this is shameful and worrying at the same time.”

Hajj Tawfiq said that we are in Jordan, “we are still fine despite the difficult situation and difficult conditions. We are better off than many countries around us or even far from us, but this does not mean that we fall asleep and relax, or create a crisis with our own hands, or leave things to chance, blessing or leniency.”

Al-Hajj Tawfiq said that “a lot is required of the government, and we, as people, civil society institutions and the media, also require a lot from us. Trust must be quickly re-established among everyone for the sake of the homeland and love for it, with the need to hold accountable and remove all negligent, misleading or corrupt financially, administratively, mentally or conscientiously from the scene.” Exposing people and addressing them first-hand and whenever necessary, respecting their minds, not hiding in times of crisis, and stopping seeking help from those who lack credibility and do not have people’s trust to defend or respond.”

Haj Tawfiq stressed that we must be prepared, precaution, join hands and stop dealing with crises by fabricating jokes, settling accounts and self-flagellation. Honest information is a weapon, investing in national competencies and giving them confidence and opportunity to treat, good management, filtering and boldness is the way to salvation.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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