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“Civil Service”: We are not the party concerned with solving the issue of unemployment in Jordan

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publish date 2022-03-04 20:50:48

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The head of the Civil Service Bureau, Sameh Al-Nasser, confirmed that the bureau is responsible for planning and managing human resources in the government apparatus.

Al-Nasser added, during his hosting of the “60 Minutes” program, which is broadcast on Jordanian TV, today, Friday, that the Bureau, through its information base, is one of the national information centers, noting that the flow of graduates continues in the same disciplines despite the warnings.

He stressed that the Bureau is not the party concerned with resolving the issue of unemployment in the Kingdom.

Al-Nasser indicated that the office received about 38,000 applications from new graduates this year, noting that the labor market needs technical and professional specializations.

According to Hala News, Al-Nasser stressed that education in Jordan is financially costly, and the process of selecting specializations must be accurate; This is done by changing the culture of society in partnership with the concerned authorities.

He pointed out that the culture of society still does not value vocational and technical education, with the need to stop wasting human resources by going to the specializations needed by the labor market.

Al-Nasser pointed out that “some parents take their children abroad to teach them in specialties that are not required in the labor market,” pointing out that the bureau has no problem with contributing to reducing unemployment rates.

He said that the Bureau is moving to gradually abolish the competitive role until 2027; This is because the process of accumulating applications in this way has many disadvantages, including keeping the person in a waiting state, explaining that the Bureau tends to open advertisements for jobs.

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