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Announcing the “National Forum to Support the Resistance and Protect the Homeland” with wide partisan and political participation

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publish date 2022-03-05 18:58:58

He stressed the need for concerted efforts to provide all forms of support to the Palestinian resistance and to enhance its culture

Amman – Khalil Qandil

It was announced this evening that the national forum to support the resistance and protect the homeland was announced with the participation of a number of political parties, national figures and civil society institutions. Which pledges Palestine, Jordan, and the Arab and Islamic nation, with the need to combine all efforts to provide all forms of support to the Palestinian resistance until liberation is achieved.

During the event, which was held at the headquarters of the Popular Unity Party, the speakers stressed the right of the Jordanian people to defend the causes of the homeland and the nation, considering that supporting the resistance is to defend and protect Jordan, and the right of the Palestinian people to resist until liberation and return to their land is achieved, and the need to strengthen the culture of resistance among generations to enable them to confront the Zionist enemy and defend the homeland and the nation.

The forum also condemned what it described as “the catastrophic fall of the system of values ​​and principles of a number of Arab regimes” and the rush to normalize with the occupation, which represents a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and a betrayal of the positions of the Arab peoples rejecting all forms of normalization with the occupation.

The speakers indicated that the forum will work on institutionalizing its executive structures and structuring its work in organizational work regulations in preparation for starting its work and achieving its goal and objectives, and that the forum extends its hand to various national, national and Islamic forces and the various spectra of the Jordanian people, including bodies of parties, unions and personalities participating in this forum.

The Secretary-General of the Popular Unity Party, Dr. Saeed Diab, said that our support for the resistance comes from a Jordanian national vision. The Zionist enemy targets Jordan as well as Palestine, and there is a lot of evidence of Zionist ambitions that appear with the growth of the resistance or its decline, as with the increase in the resistance it shrinks greed, and when the resistance diminishes, those ambitions intensify, adding, “The formation of the national forum to support the resistance came at a time when we are witnessing climates that affect national sovereignty, including normalization agreements, and that the forum constitutes a comprehensive national mobilization framework against normalization and strengthening the culture of resistance against the ruthless enemy.” .

For his part, the forum’s president, Dr. Abdullah Al-Akaileh, reviewed the forum’s political document, and stressed that the forum is not an announcement of a new resistance, but rather an affirmation of the resistance that confronted the Zionist enemy in Palestine and in the battle of dignity in which the Zionist enemy’s thorn was broken and with it the invincible army has perished.

Al-Akaila praised the sacrifices of the Palestinian resistance, whose heroic performance in several stages raised new hopes towards the strategy of resisting the enemy and raised the slogan of liberation.
He stressed that the Palestinian resistance constitutes an advanced line in defending Jordan and the Arab and Islamic countries.
During the months, the principles contained in the forum’s political document were presented.

While the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front Party, Eng. Murad Al-Adayleh, confirmed that the battle of Sif Al-Quds moved the Palestinian resistance to the liberation project, and announced the launch of the decade of liberation. this project .

Adaileh added, “The announcement of the forum comes from the headquarters of the Riot Unity Party to meet the Islamist, the leftist and the nationalist on the project to liberate Palestine, which no Jordanian disagrees with. There are other national forces in it, and we are part of this cause and its project.”

A number of secretaries-general of the member parties spoke during the forum, namely, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Action Front, M. Murad Al-Adayleh, the Secretary-General of the Jordan Stronger Party, Dr. Rola Al-Hroub, the Secretary-General of the Partnership and Rescue Party, Salem Al-Falahat, and the Secretary-General of the Life Party, Dr. Abdel Fattah Al-Kilani, The Secretary-General of the Future Party Dr. Salah Al-Qudah, the Secretary-General of the Shura Party Firas Al-Abadi, Jamal Ghunaimat on behalf of the Executive Committee for Protecting the Homeland and Confronting Normalization, Dr. Rebhi Halloum on behalf of the national figures in the forum, Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir on behalf of the Democratic Movement, and Dr. Hisham Al-Bustani on behalf of the campaign The National Committee to Drop the Gas Agreement, Dr. Muhammad Khair Al-Kilani, and Luay Obeidat about the movement.

They stressed that the forum aims to restore the spirit of national action in support of the resistance and resistance to normalization, and they stressed that a strong Jordan is capable of achieving the aspirations of the Jordanian people, and that defending the resistance is defending ourselves, and that Palestine is the compass and that the entire Arab world is targeted, and that supporting the resistance is In defense of Palestine, Jordan and the Arab world, and they called for discarding differences at this important and sensitive stage in the Palestinian cause and the world.


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